Westen Champlin Net Worth – Real Earnings And Income

Westen Champlin Net Worth
Westen Champlin Net Worth

Westen Champlin Net Worth

Westen Champlin, a self-described “Redneck Scientist” auto guru, is also the Kansas-based popular YouTuber whose channel focuses on rebuilding as well as fixing pickup trucks. 2023 estimates suggest that the Westen Champlin Net Worth is $1.5 million.

Learn about the Westen Champlin estimated earnings and the other details. 

Westen Champlin real nameWesten Champlin
Age24 years
Westen Champlin Net Worth$1.5 million
height 5 ft 6 in
BirthdayJuly 23, 1998
BirthplaceWinfield, KS

Estimated earnings

The YouTube earnings suggest that the Westen Champlin monthly earnings are around $34K and the Westen Champlin yearly earnings are around $367K. Besides the YouTube earnings, there are other sources, including sponsorships, numerous vehicle-based projects, endorsements, races that is earning him the high income. In addition to that, Westen Champlin earns a lot through merchandise sales.

How Did Westen Champlin Make His Money?

Eventually, Westen Champlin discovered a talent for turning rebuilt vehicles. With that, the auto enthusiast also started training that sixth sense towards buying auction vehicles and making them go again. Eventually, the YouTuber rose to fame by filming his first Ford Cummins swap. Also, he got assistance with the editing handiwork from his brother.

People keep wondering:

What are the Westen Champlin revenue generation streams?

A channel monetized through ads earns money for every thousand video views. Monetized YouTube channels may earn $3 to $10 per every one thousand video views. Marketing their own products, accepting sponsorships, or generating revenue through affiliate commissions also add up to the income.

Why is the Westen Champlin net worth increasing?

Westen Champlin has been earning a huge amount from the added sources that is also boosting his overall net worth. He makes money from presenting the videos regarding rebuilding vehicles.

Auto guru Westen Champlin has been posting on the self-titled YouTube channel under the categories of Autos & Vehicles channel.

Westen Champlin runs an auto repair shop alongside childhood friend Dom. Ever since they started working together, they have been supporting all types of projects, whether small or large scale.

Autos & Vehicles YouTuber Westen Champlin has been growing his network with several posts on social media, especially Instagram. Westen Champlin posts on social media regarding the expeditions and vehicles that are earning him the recognition the way he wanted. 

Car collection

Popular videos on the YouTuber Westen Champlin channel includes “Driving 1084 Miles in a Humvee…It was Terrible”, “First Big Race with The Cummins Mustang,” “I Bought a 4×4 Lincoln and Blew it up,” and “We Race the 1300HP Hellcat at Roadkill Nights (HELL YEAH) Special”.

These videos ensure that the YouTuber owns some of the best cars, including Humvee, 4×4 Lincoln, and numerous others. Other crazy builds come, include Cleetus and Cars, classic Dodge 4×4 muscle car.


The American vehicle Youtuber and enthusiast Westen Champlin has become quite famous for highlighting other vehicles that is earning a reputation. He has been into building some ridiculous cars on the internet.

Westen Champlin, the popular YouTuber, took to racing in roadkill nights vs 3 other YouTubers. Also, he had earned fame when he Raced the 1300HP Hellcat at Roadkill Nights (HELL YEAH) Special. Dodge gave a hellcat to race in roadkill nights vs. 3 other YouTubers. The immense fame has earned him the high Westen Champlin Net Worth. 

Youtuber and enthusiast Westen Champlin discovered the talent for turning rebuilt vehicles into cash sales since an early age that took his fame to the next level. Also, he took to the strategy of buying auction vehicles. The first video on the Westen Champlin channel was about an auction, with the title $1000 Auction Buy for Ford F350.

Westen Champlin Wife

Westen Champlin wife and Westen Champlin girlfriend details are not clear yet. Moreover, the YouTuber doesn’t want to reveal much about his personal life.

YouTube Stats

  • Channel name – Westen Champlin
  • Number of subscriber – 2M
  • Joined on – 17 Mar 2010

What Happened To Westen Champlin?

Westen became the talk of the town in 2019, and the fame he earned was due to the self-titled YouTube channel. In addition to that, Westen runs an auto repair shop alongside his childhood friend, Dom. Though the journey hadn’t always been smooth sailing, yet he has been taking his career to the next level with his unique skills. Auto gurus had to face mishaps like accidents.

Westen Champlin Accident

The vehicle YouTuber met with an accident multiple times, and the reason behind most of them is his utter carelessness. He mentions that he had a bit of an accident that took him out of commission for a while. Kansas-based mechanic Westen Champlin also posts the video Hit

Something with My New Truck that shows he met with an accident for a second time. The video, “My Garage Got Hit,” also shares glimpses of the accident he met with.

What is Westen Champlin Job?

Westen Champlin performs jobs, including turning wrenches to painting trucks. Westen, alongside his childhood friend, Dom, tackles projects at scale and have handled some of the best jobs like Cummins swapping on F350s to fix up broken skid loaders. Also, they find out the army trucks or even a big blue Peterbuilt.


What Is Westen Champlin Net Worth?

The Westen Champlin Net Worth is $1.5 million.

What Does Westen Champlin Make On YouTube?

Westen Champlin earns around $34K a month.

What is Westen Champlin Location?

Westen Champlin Lives in Winfield, KS.

What is the Westen Champlin Merchandise?

www.spreadshirt.com is the portal through which the auto guru and vehicle enthusiast have been selling the range of the products. You can go through the Westen Champlin Merchandise line that includes some of the  latest T-shirts, Hoodies and Pique Polo Shirt.

How Much Does Westen Champlin Make?

Westen Champlin earns from different sources including YouTube, vehicle-based projects, sponsorships, endorsements, and others. He earns a lot through merchandise sales. The YouTuber earns around $40K a month.


The income sources are the major reason that Westen Champlin Net Worth has been increasing. Also, the striking career journey has been encouraging him to show off his remarkable range of skills on YouTube. The auto guru and influencer has been earning immense fame that is taking the career to the next level. Stay tuned for the further updates. 


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