Trey’s Trades Net Worth – What are the revenue streams?

Trey's Trades Net Worth
Trey's Trades Net Worth

What Is Trey Trades Net Worth?

2023 reports have revealed the data that Trey Trades Net Worth is around $8 million.

Trey Trades, has caught the attention of the viewers for the reason that he has established himself as the famous American YouTuber based in USA. Trey’s Trades has become popular for giving technical analyses on different stocks in the stock market.

In this article, you will come to know regarding Trey Trades estimated earnings and other details.

  • Trey Trades net worth – $8 million
  • Trey Trades real name – Trey Collins’
  • Birthplace – USA
  • Trey Trades age – In his 20s
  • Nationality – American
  • Occupation – Private Index Trader, Crypto enthusiast, and YouTuber

What are the Treys Trades revenue streams?

A channel monetized through ads earn $3 to $10 per every one thousand video views and that is the similar case with Trey Trades.

Marketing products, sponsorships, alongside the commissions have boosted the overall revenue.

Trey’s Trades is no professional investor. The immense fame of the YouTuber categorized him top YouTuber’s net worth.

The monthly earnings from the different sources are as follows:

  • Profession as Private Index Trader and Crypto enthusiast- $15K
  • YouTube- $5K
  • Instagram- $1K
  • Facebook- $2K
  • Twitter- $1k
  • Sponsorship deals- $3K
  • Brand endorsements- $3K

The details we have listed are tentative values and the income keeps fluctuating from one month to the other.

Trey Trades estimated earnings

Trey Trades income from the career is around $30K a month that brings to us the data that annual income is around $360K. Sponsored ads and selling his own merch also boost the earnings.

Expenses- Assets and Lifestyle

According to Moneypromax, The YouTube star makes smart investments that also boost his overall net worth. Trey Trades owns a beautiful house alongside several cars.

Is Trey Trades a millionaire?

We have obtained the updated data that the net worth of the YouTuber is $8 million that draws the inference that the Private Index Trader, Crypto enthusiast, and YouTuber is a millionaire.

Trey Trades love life

The details about Trey Trades wife and Trey Trades girlfriend are not clear to us yet. We are trying to find more information regarding the details and his personal life.


What is Trey’s Trades Net Worth?

Aa per the 2023 estimates, Trey’s Trades net worth is around $8 million.

What Does Trey’s Trades Do For A Living?

Investing and stock trading are what are helping him in making money. In addition to that, the YouTube channel earnings are one of the major sources of income.

What Does Trey Trades Do For Work?

Trey’s Trades has become immensely famous for the technical analysis of different stocks in the stock market. In addition to that, he shares information about potential buy, holds, or sell opinions on stocks.

How Much Money Does Trey Trades Have In AMC?

Trey’s Trades Made Under $1M’ Trading Options associated with AMC Entertainment.

What Software Does Trey Trades Use?

There is numerous software that he uses for getting access to trading.

How Much Does Trey Trades Make?

Average earnings on the Trey’s Trades YouTube channel suggests Treys Trades earns around $30K. That said, the Treys Trades yearly earnings are around $360K.

What Is Trey Trades Job?

By summer 2019, Collins, aka Trey’s Trades, found himself earning himself the life he wanted. Also, the famous trading YouTuber Trey’s Trades became a bartender and server at Buffalo Wild Wings. Later, Trey’s Trades started with stock trading. 

What is Trey’s Trades YouTube Income? 

Average earnings is around $30K a month from YouTube. That said, the Treys Trades yearly earnings are around $360K. 


Trey Trades Net Worth is still continuing to grow with the YouTube channel. Also, Trey’s Trades is earning a lot from stock trading. Stay tuned to get further updates regarding the stock trading investors and the YouTubers as we keep updating the viewers.


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