Tai Lopez Net Worth

Tai Lopez Net Worth

Tai Lopez net worth is a collection of more than one sources. He has many things to do for earnings but the major source of earning is “Speaking”. Yes, he is a motivational speaker and a lot of people love to listen to him when they seek motivation. He, too, is the businessman, entrepreneur, and an investor.

Everyone wants to live a good life. In his talks and speeches, he encourages people for their good life and for that specific purpose Lopez started reading many books for pathways to the good life at an early age.

Tai Lopez Net Worth

His father brought him the box of books to study. He studied Aristotle too for a long time. The idea of the “good life” was the major idea of Aristotle, Tai has a strong influence of the idea of Aristotle.

About Tai

Here Is some information about the businessman. Down in the table is the basic info of Tai Lopez.

Name Tai Lopez
Date of birth April 10th 1977
Age 40
Birth Place Southern California, U.S.
Height 5feet 9
Weight 78kg
Ethnicity White
Occupation Investor, Businessman
Girlfriend Kenna Alastair


Early Life:

Tai Lopez was born on the 11th April 1977, in Long Beach, California. He was raised by his mother and grandmother as his father was in prison while he was growing up. Tai Lopez had a lonely startup with his life as he had no friends around to entertain him because his town and neighborhood was full of gangs.

For the money generation purpose, at the age of six, he started selling tomatoes and then moving on he switched to selling lemonade.

Dropped out of college, working odd jobs Tai Lopez had saved money to travel to many countries including India and United States.

Tai Lopez Net Worth


Tai Lopez net worth can be summarized as his early careers and the major professions he had chosen for a lifetime. Tai began his career becoming a certified financial manager. He became a popular person soon and then he started running business mentorships online.

Tai’s “67 Steps Program” also led him towards popularity as the program describes the steps to make the life easy for the person and to find a good life for oneself. His mindset is different from that of most people as usual, people have a dream lifestyle and then try to fight their way forward to achieve this.

According to Lopez, this is the wrong way of doing things and they need to work backward instead. His coaching teaches people that they should think of their dream life and then work backward in stages to identify a process that will help them to achieve this. He believes that this gives you the passion to succeed.

He also created a YouTube channel which is now subscribed by more than 900 thousand members.

Lopez does not hesitate to his life story and how hard it was for him to acquire the riches he owns now. Having the fastest growing TED Talks presentation with over 7 million views, Lopez illustrates how reading a book every single day places you above an average human. After acknowledging his desire to know and experience The Good Life, Lopez decided to visit a man by the name of Mike. Mike mentored and taught him on what business and finance are all about. Lopez is a certified financial planner who owns 20 multi-million dollar businesses.

Tai Lopez Net Worth

What is Tai Lopez net worth?

Let us now try to gather the basic information of

Tai Lopez net worth is almost $5 million. He is the most popular and the highest online earning person, as described above he is running more than one earning sources so one can just estimate that what an amount he be collecting just from the ads on YouTube.

Tai Lopez net worth, in 2016, was $3 million. As reported from the sources. And before that time it was about $2.8 million. It was updated just a few months ago. And summed up at a total of $5 million as of 2018.


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