Cody Robbins Net Worth – Income, Wife, Age, Hometown

Cody Robbins Net Worth
Cody Robbins Net Worth

Cody Robbins Net Worth

Outdoor Channel Cody Robbins is becoming famous gradually as he is showcasing himself as a diehard hunter. According to the 2022 estimates, Cody Robbins Net Worth is $1.2 million. In this article, you will come to know about Cody Robbins earnings, income, salary and other details. 

Cody Robbins real nameCody Robbins
Cody Robbins Net Worth$1.2 million
Birthplacecentral Saskatchewan, Canada
Cody Robbins heightNA
OccupationCandaian YouTuber and vlogger

earnings and income

The YouTube earnings statistics revelations suggest that the Cody Robbins monthly earnings are around $11K. That said, the Cody Robbins yearly earnings estimates suggest that he earns around $124K.  

Cody Robbins girlfriend

Cody Robbins relationship details mention that the YouTuber has been dating the Cody Robbins wife, Kelsey Robbins.  The start of his career marked that Cody was starting his TV show, “Live 2 Hunt,” when  Cody And Kelsey took their relationship to the next level. They fell in love and became more than just hunting buddies. From that time, the two pairs started putting everything together for establishing the TV show. 

Cody Robbins bio

Cody Robbins, the famous hunter and YouTuber has been well known for shooting videos and pictures. Robbins, the owner and producer of the TV show, “Live 2 Hunt ( with Cody and Kelsy Robbins” has become immensely famous.

He is famous as one of the top deer hunters. Hunting TV shows Cody Robbins, has been drawing the attention of the fans lately. Television host of Live2Hunt as well as a former cameraman for Jim Shockey began hunting the giant non-typical in 2010. During his hunting adventures, Robbins rarely encountered the buck during his pursuits.

July 2011 updates mention that Robbins could locate the double drop-tine buck while scouting. Explore more about the life of the famous hunter.

YouTube Info

  • Channel name: LIVE 2 HUNT with Cody and Kelsy
  • Number of subscribers: 33.3K
  • Joined on: 8 Jun 2011


Outdoor Channel YouTuber Cody Robbins is very famous today with a strikingly distinct career.

At 16, Cody Robbins started as a diehard hunter. He took to this profession even though no one else in his family hunted. Cody Robbins decided to entertain people with his hunting stories. Also, at a point in life, Cody Robbins decided to buy a video camera and tried to capture his experiences on film. He showed everyone how he could live a life of happiness in the woods. He filmed as an amateur before deciding to take it to a new level. At a point in life, he also decided to start producing videos to sell.

A great friend, Bentley Coben, wished to get a professional camera for Cody that could help to shoot. From this point, Cody decided to spend his life more recording videos in the woods, videotaping whitetail and mule bucks. Late that September, Cody Robbins captured footage of an amazing whitetail buck. The Outdoor YouTuber became so famous that he got listed in the category top YouTuber’s net worth.

Cody had been in love with hunting with a good friend.

After shooting the whitetail season, Jim informed Cody that he was planning on starting a show on Outdoor Channel. Also, at that time, he asked Cody if he would want to be his full-time cameraman and editor.

Cody had been the cameraman and editor for Jim for a span of seven years. Later, Jim hired more cameramen and editors to expand the show. Cody travelled and hunted in over 15 different countries. Alongside filming, Cody was also guided in the black bear territory on Vancouver Island. Also, he became the guide for Yukon territory for moose, grizzly bear and caribou.

The famous YouTuber always wished to fulfil his dream of producing his own show. To fulfil his dream, Cody created Live2Hunt in 2008. In its first year, Cody Robbins won the BEST NEW SHOW for outdoor television in Canada. In the second year, Live2Hunt won the BEST OVERALL CANADIAN OUTDOOR SHOW. 2012 updates suggest that Live2Hunt with Cody & Kelsy became a reason for the immense fame for the Outdoor Channel!


Where is Cody Robbins Hometown?

Cody Robbins Hometown has been located recently in central Saskatchewan, Canada. 

What Does Cody Robbins Do For A Living?

Cody Robbins records videos that showcase him hunting. With these tempting videos, he has attracted the attention of fans. The hunting videos have made him famous for his YouTube career.

What Is The World Record Mule Deer? 

22 1/8 inches is the size of the record mule deer.


Cody Robbins Net Worth has been attracting other YouTubers in this field. Outdoor Channel Cody Robbins has proved to be one of the top YouTubers and has been performing incredibly well, which has increased his fame over many others.


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