Carmen And Corey Net Worth – Earnings And Income

Carmen And Corey Net Worth
Carmen And Corey Net Worth

Carmen And Corey Net Worth

2023 reports have revealed the data that Carmen And Corey Net Worth is around $10 million.

Carmen And Corey, have caught the attention of the viewers for the reason that they have established themselves as the famous American YouTubers. Corey Pritchett Jr and Carmen, post vlogs, challenges, pranks, and any other random content.

In this article, you will come to know regarding Carmen And Corey estimated earnings and other details.

Carmen And Corey real nameCarmen Pritchett, Cory Pritchett Jr
Carmen And Corey ageCarmen Pritchett-24; years; Cory Pritchett Jr-24 years
Carmen And Corey Net Worth$10 million
HeightCarmen Pritchett-5’2”; Cory Pritchett Jr- 6 feet (1.83 m)
WeightCarmen Pritchett-51 kg; Cory Pritchett Jr- 70 kg
OccupationCarmen Pritchett- Tiktoker, Youtuber; Cory Pritchett Jr-YouTuber
BirthdayCarmen Pritchett- October 16, 1998; Cory Pritchett Jr- May 31, 1998
BirthplaceCarmen Pritchett- Puerto Rico; Cory Pritchett Jr-USA
NationalityCarmen Pritchett- Puerto Rican; Cory Pritchett Jr- AMerican

Estimated earnings

Carmen And Corey income from the career is around $58K a month that brings to us the data that annual income is around $700K. Sponsored ads and selling their own merch also boost the earnings.

How much does Carmen And Corey earn?

A channel monetized through ads earn $3 to $10 per every one thousand video views and that is the similar case with Carmen And Corey.

Marketing products, sponsorships, alongside the commissions has boosted the overall revenue.

Revenue streams

The YouTube stars earn from advertising revenue, sponsorships, endorsements as well as brand deals.

The YouTubers earn from different sources and the monthly income from the varied sources are as follows:

  • Profession as YouTuber, Content creator– $50K
  • Instagram– $1K
  • Sponsorship deals– $4K
  • Brand endorsements– $3K

The data we have listed is tentative and will keep varying from one month to the other.

Expenses- Assets and Lifestyle

The content creators own a luxurious house based in Atlanta as well as several cars. Besides, buying expensive products, they make additional investments for the betterment of their career.

Car collection

Corey Pritchett Jr. has been lately well-known for his car collection, including Dodge Charger, Monte Carlo, as well as new car raps.

Are Carmen and Corey millionaires?

We have obtained the updated data that the net worth of the YouTubers is $10 million that draws the inference that the YouTubers are millionaires.

According to Moneypromax, the popular YouTuber couple Carmen and Corey Pritchett love the hobby of uploading numerous videos on their Youtube channel. Also, with this career, they’ve been earning immense fame on behalf of the fans.

Love life

Carmen Pritchett boyfriend is Cory Pritchett Jr. 

Also, Cory Pritchett Jr girlfriend, or precisely Cory Pritchett Jr wife Carmen, together with Cory is raising a son.

Carmen and Corey Pritchett family updates have mentioned that CJ Pritchett, the Carmen and Corey Pritchett son, was born in October 2018. 

In addition to their son CJ, Carmen and Corey Pritchett also have another son Ayden, whom he got from a previous relationship.


  • Channel name – Carmen And Corey
  • Number of subscriber – 4.1M
  • Joined on – 16 Nov 2016

Life lessons

The YouTubers have shared the following life lessons-

The pessimist will prioritize difficulty in every opportunity, while the optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty and is willing to keep moving forward regardless of how it is.
Never run away from Experience as it’s a hard teacher giving the test first and later the lesson.
Life is a beautiful gift followed by love and understanding.


Who Is Carmen And Corey?

Carmen Pritchett, a Puerto Rican-born YouTuber as well as a social media personality, has become famous today as the co-founder of the popular YouTube channel Carmen and Corey. American-based YouTuber Carmen Pritchett is well known as the major figure in fostering the fame of this channel.

Did Carmen And Corey Break Up?

Is Carmen And Corey Still Together? Carmen And Corey Break Up are now one of the popular YouTube topics. Later it was confirmed that spouses had already separated. Also, the couple is expecting a divorce when Corey begins seeing Carmella. The controversy took a toll on the couple.

How Much Is Carmen And Corey Worth?

The Carmen And Corey Net Worth is $10 million.

How Old Is Carmen And Corey?

Carmen And Corey Age estimates suggest that they are 24 years old.

Where Do Corey And Carmen Live?

Presently they live in Atlanta, US.

Where Do Carmen And Corey Live Now?

Corey And Carmen House price is $1.2 million, and the family has been living in Atlanta, US.

Who is Carmen And Corey Son?

Carmen And Corey Kids are two. Carmen and Corey Pritchett family updates suggest that CJ Pritchett has become famous as the Carmen and Corey Pritchett son. Their biological child was born in October 2018. In addition to their son CJ, Carmen and Corey Pritchett also own another son Ayden, whom he got from a previous relationship.

Are Carmen And Corey Married?

Yes, they have been married.


The Carmen And Corey Net Worth have constantly been increasing, and they are inspiring other couple YouTubers as well to follow their path. Stay tuned to receive further updates regarding similar couple’s YouTubers who are earning immense fame on YouTube. 


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