Aquachigger Net Worth – Wife, Age, Location, Earnings, Income

Aquachigger Net Worth
Aquachigger Net Worth

Aquachigger Net Worth

Aquachigger, a famous American YouTuber, has been uploading plenty of videos recently. The high-end content makes the channel stand out over others. According to the 2022 estimates, Aquachigger Net Worth is $1 million. Learn more about Aquachigger earnings, income, salary and other details. So, let’s get started with the discussion.

Aquachigger real nameAndrew Beau Ouimette
Aquachigger Net Worth$1 million
Occupation American YouTuber, treasure hunter
Aquachigger ageNA
Aquachigger heightNA
ResidenceWashington County, Maryland
Aquachigger EmailNA

Monthly and yearly income

Aquachigger monthly earnings are around $30K. That said, the Aquachigger yearly earnings are around $360K. The earnings that we have stated are basically the earning estimates from the YouTube channel.

Aquachigger wife

The Aquachigger relationship updates suggest that the YouTuber is married to the Aquachigger girlfriend. You can spot the couple together in the videos. But her name is NA.

Interesting facts about Aquachigger

Modern Day Tom Sawyer Interview With Adventurer, Beau Ouimette has some interesting revelations.

  • The first time people heard of ‘Aquachigger’ he thought it was some sort of marine life racial slur. But the fact is Beau Ouimette, the man behind the Aquachigger YouTube channel, is a re-pioneering personality known for treasure hunting and adventuring.
  • Ouimette trudges river beds armed with his trusted metal detector and GoPro.
  • Ouimette takes concepts from the past and merges them with modern-day technology. The aim is to create something refreshingly original.
  • The YouTuber shares his adventures through his YouTube channel that has nearly 300,000 loyal subscribers who look forward to his weekly discoveries.

YouTube Stats

  • Channel name: Aquachigger
  • Joined on: 11 Sept 2007
  • Number of subscribers: 1.2M


YouTube threatened to close Aquachigger’s channel after he reported “reaction” YouTuber swiping his videos.

Outdoorsman Aquachigger, a famous YouTuber, has been posting his videos on YouTube. YouTuber, Yousef Ahmed, reuploaded Aquachigger’s work, adding voice-over commentary, flipping the orientation alongside distorting the audio.

Aquachigger filed a takedown demand on the YouTube channel of Yousef Ahmed. YouTube sent a response accusing him of fraud alongside threatening to shut down his channel.

Aquachigger Wikipedia updates suggest that Aquachigger mentioned that he had received the notice of channel termination from YouTube effective May 7, 2021. Also, he went on claiming that Yousef Ahmed uploaded two of his popular videos some time ago, modified data, and reaped millions of views.

YouTube took it in a completely different way. YouTube “determined” that Aquachigger has submitted “fraudulent” copyright complaints. Aquachigger claimed that his content has been changed to “reaction video” to make money.

Aquachigger Bio

Aquachigger is the YouTuber in love with treasure hunting and the great outdoors for over 20 years. He began searching rivers about 20 years ago and the inspiration was Civil War soldier’s diary where there’s a concept about watching cannonballs hit a stream bank and roll back into the water.

Beau posted his first video on YouTube after recording one of his hunts with an underwater camera. Also, he loves telling a compelling story and sharing in the ‘actual’ moment of my discoveries. He understands how events have a seamless flow from the past to the present.


Aquachigger, an American YouTube channel, has started becoming popular lately.

According to a Tubefilter interview, updatesBeau Ouimette grew up on a farm in West Virginia.

Andrew Beau Ouimette, commonly known as Beau Ouimette or Aquachigger, is also famous as a television presenter. He lives in Washington County, Maryland and has been uploading plenty of content to his channel. A+E Networks UK updates mention that with them, Andrew Beau Ouimette has presented for in River Hunters.

November 2018 updates also suggest that Ouimette has metal detected in rivers for over thirty years. May 2012 updates mention that Ouimette and Dan Frezza uncovered two Lee–Enfield rifled muskets in a riverbank.

April 2014 updates mention that Ouimette and the Aquachigger wife, who’s a veterinarian, found an injured baby fox while they were searching for gems in West Virginia.

March 2017 updates suggest that Ouimette metal detected an American Civil War musket. The x-ray reports suggest that there were at least six bullets inside of.

Ouimette, the popular YouTuber, explored an abandoned 18th-century stone house, and the video is open for the viewers to watch the exploration style. It was uploaded to YouTube on March 12, 2017.

June 2017 updates suggest that Ouimette uncovered two stolen knives from Antietam Creek. Aquachigger returned them to their owner, Rick Hockensmith.

March 2018 updates also mention that Aquachigger uncovered a Native American arrowhead in the muddy bank of a lake.

2019 updates state that Aquachigger presented with Rick Edwards in River Hunters, which proved to be an eight-part mini-series by History UK. The immense fame of the YouTuber has ranked him in the category of top YouTuber’s net worth.

October 2019 updates mention that upon reaching one million subscribers on YouTube, Tubefilter interviewed Aquachigger. Ouimette mentions that he has been working on a proposal for a treasure-hunting TV series on Discovery Channel.

Not only does Aquachigger go to great lengths to find antiques, but also finding modern relics, such as cameras and cell phones. What entices him the most is the metal detecting, treasure, river treasure, history, coins, adventure, nature, animals!

However, the YouTube career hasn’t been an easy one.


Where Does Aquachigger Live?

Aquachigger Lives in Washington County, Maryland.

Where is Aquachigger Location?

Aquachigger Location is Washington County, Maryland.

What Is Aquachigger Real Name?

Andrew Beau Ouimette is Aquachigger Real Name.

How To Contact Aquachigger?

The YouTube channel and social media profiles, especially Facebook, allow the fans to communicate with the YouTuber.


The Aquachigger net worth has been continually increasing as the YouTuber has been putting in efforts for taking his career to the next level. Stay tuned for further updates.


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